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Top Sales Tools (2022)

10 Highly Recommended Sales Software Tools [2022]

High importance clients or leads require attention, empathy, and consideration, but it can be hard manual work to convert all those leads.

There are several good products that will streamline your sales process and equip you and your sales team for top performance – here are our best recommendations.


4.4 (8,912)

This is an excellent tool for automating your sales process. It saves valuable time for the sales team as they do not have to manually enter contact details or track the status of interactions with a prospect. The software is easily installed and requires no coding skills.

Seamless integration with HubSpot CRM gives you all the customer relationship management and sales tools that you will ever need to keep your customers happy. For basic requirements, the product is free. The first paid option has more complex features but is still relatively inexpensive.
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4.7 (4,208)
Substrata uses the power of artificial intelligence to assist the sales team in closing deals. The technology is known as Social Signal Processing. Social signals are things like body language, tone of communication, attitude, and so forth. They analyze various forms of communication between the prospect and the sales professional.

The analysis determines how the prospect feels about the product or the deal in general. This information then helps the salesperson adjust their approach and overcome any negative thoughts the customer may have. As sales tools go, this technology is a game-changer.
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4.2 (14,956)

This is a robust set of sales tools to help every sales professional achieve their best. Although the name suggests that this is just a customer relationship management tool, it is part of a vast suite of solutions that will provide invaluable support to your sales team.

Salesforce CRM integrates easily with various ERP systems for added flexibility. The interface to mobile operating systems puts customer information in the hands of your sales team wherever they may be. An easy-to-use dashboard shows all the vital data at a glance and helps your sales professional close deals quickly and efficiently.
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4.6 (9,837)

Active campaign is a platform built with a focus on marketing automations, email marketing, and CRM to create strong segmentation and give every customer personalization whether they’re on social media, messages, text, or email.

They have over 850 integrations available and is considered a market leader when it comes to creating excellent customer experiences with their customer experience automation software.
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4.7 (2,070)

Incentive programs are known to be very effective for sales teams. Captivate IQ is software that lets organizations manage and streamline their incentive programs.

Captivate IQ helps pay your team members accurately and on time without having to continuously have conversations between the boss and team members. From their dashboard, you can see what programs work well, how it increases performance, and how to improve the incentive programs.
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4.4 (5,641)

ZoomInfo helps fuel your market strategy with a complete view of your customers, clients, and opportunities. Using integrations and workflows, ZoomInfo helps you close more deals, be more efficient, have more control as leaders, and give more profit.

Fro ZoomInfo you can use territory planning, personalized outreach, prospecting for sales, and lead scoring. The cool part is that ZoomInfo is actually their own operating system with a unified system of data insights and software to help you identify, engage, and convert customers.
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4.4 (219)

SalesIntel provides B2B (business to business) contact information. The company offers the contact details of companies and key contact persons in those companies. This information is verified manually by humans, and the company claim that it is 95% accurate.

The service also offers verification of existing customer databases and identification of missing data to improve the quality and accuracy of data. They analyze website visits to find prospects that have shown interest. Although contact information is one of the most basic sales tools, data accuracy is critical to an efficient sales process.
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4.5 (430)

Salesloft is a one-stop-shop for conversation intelligence. You can use it to track calls, coach your agents, and analyze customer conversations. The call record can help you understand buyer engagement, intentions, and customer behavior. You can also leave messages for your customer service representatives.

Salesloft can convert all of your audio and video calls into text using its call transcriber feature. Its AI-based analysis system scans transcripts for keywords, competitor mentions, and other relevant information. With this, you can make a playlist of the best call handling practices to coach your agents.
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4.0 (2,095)

Zoho is a popular CRM solution that lets SMBs and businesses manage their customer relationship lifecycle. They have workflow automation, contact management, pipeline management, sales funnels, an AI-powered conversation assistant, and much more.

While Zoho is a great CRM they also have a lot of other solutions for businesses and it integrates with over 500 popular business apps.
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4.3 (2,951)

Outreach is a sales execution platform that helps businesses make better decisions, have higher productivity, and have more insight into their customers.

They take the best from sales engagement, conversion intelligence, and revenue intelligence and puts them into one platform that simplifies and automates your sales workflows.
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