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6 Balto Alternatives: Sales Intelligence Tools

Sales intelligence tools are a must for any business looking to improve sales. These tools help salespeople track their progress, identify opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we will mention the best alternatives to Balto.

4.7 (4,208)
Substrata is a sales intelligence tool that helps salespeople understand the power dynamics at play in their deals. It also has a feature called the Selling Zone that helps salespeople navigate the sales process.

The selling zone also helps salespeople understand their prospects’ perceptions of competence, authority, and domain expertise.

Where Balto is more focused on sales calls, substrata is a sales intelligence tool focused on the sales process and understanding power dynamics at play to help salespeople win more deals.
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4.3 (2,951)

Where Balto is software that scales sales agents’ performance in real-time, outreach is more of a sales execution platform that helps sales teams overall.

Outreach is a platform that combines sales engagement, conversation intelligence, and revenue insight. In addition, Outreach has a video recording feature that isn’t provided in Balto.

More than 5,000 organizations rely on Outreach’s enterprise-scale and robust AI-powered innovation, including Adobe, Tableau, Okta, Splunk, DocuSign, and SAP. The central sector served by Balto is insurance, while Outreach operates majorly in the computer software sector.

Where Balto and Outreach differ, the most is that Balto is focused on calls, and Outreach also has email tracking/automation + covers the full sales process.
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4.5 (3,018)

Salesloft is one of the top sales engagement tools, assisting sellers and sales teams in increasing revenue.

The Salesloft Modern Revenue WorkspaceTM is a single location where sellers can complete all of their digital selling chores, engage with buyers, figure out what to do next, and get the coaching and insights they need to succeed.

Balto is categorized as contact center operations, while Salesloft is classified as sales engagement, outbound call tracking, email tracking, sales performance management, and sales acceleration platforms.

SalesLoft combines sales execution, conversation intelligence, and opportunity management into one solution. Insurance is the main sector served by Balto, while Salesloft specializes in computer software.
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4.5 (2,791)

Chorus is the industry leader in Conversation Intelligence and a key component of ZoomInfo. has customer scoring, lead qualification, and video recording features that aren’t in Balto.

By reviewing sales meetings, Chorus’ Conversation Intelligence Platform identifies and assists revenue teams in replicating the behavior of top-performing reps. comes with a free trial, while Balto doesn’t have any trial.

Customers experience a 30-50 percent boost in new hire productivity and a 20-100 percent improvement in quota attainment.
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4.7 (1,438)

Mindtickle is the market-leading sales readiness platform, assisting revenue executives at world-class organizations in gaining knowledge, identifying desired sales practices, and responding to change to grow revenue.

Considered a sales training tool, Mindtickle, helps make programs that sales reps remember and can apply instantly.

Mindtickle is more used by enterprise businesses, while mid-market companies use Balto more. Customer scoring and video record features are included in Mindtickle but not in Balto.

Mindtickle offers a single, integrated platform for developing and implementing a successful sales preparedness plan.
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4.7 (4,305)

The proprietary Gong Revenue Intelligence PlatformTM gathers and understands customer encounters before delivering insights at scale, enabling revenue teams to make data-driven decisions rather than guesswork.

According to statistics found on G2, Gong serves the needs of reviewers’ businesses better than Balto. When evaluating the level of continuous product support, reviewers found Balto to be superior to Gong.

Reviewers on the web liked Balto’s direction over Gong’s for feature updates and roadmaps. Furthermore, Balto does not offer a free trial, whereas Gong does.
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