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Allego Alternatives: Sales Enablement Software

While Allego is a leading sales intelligence software, there might be a couple of other sales enablement tools that fit your business better. To help you make the best decision here are our top ten Allego alternatives and their features. 

4.7 (4,208)
Regarded as the number one intelligence platform for sales professionals, Substrata is a viable Allego alternative software. One top feature that users love is how it helps simulate responses before making sales move. Little errors can affect sales, and Substrata avoids such by helping predict customer responses to the specific sales approach.

That way, deals are closed faster, and the sales team is more confident than ever. The Selling Zone feature allows navigation of sales status to understand the prospects' perception of competence, domain, and authority expertise.
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4.7 (1,438)

Mindtickle is another Allego alternative that makes our list. This unique sales enablement tool offers knowledge to your sales team using gamified and interactive methods.

While Allego offers excellent content delivery, content management, collaboration tools, training management, and many helpful sales services, Mindtickle goes extra with its Lead management and Meeting management features.

It is suitable for both enterprises and mid-market companies with customer support agents. The Mindtickle software trains their sales team skills, knowledge, and customer-facing techniques. It also has a FAQ and 24/7 Live Rep support compared to Allego.
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4.4 (530)

With more accessible setup options, Brainshark is one sales software that must be included in your sales stack. It is a trusted and reliable sales tool used by many companies, including those in the Fortune 500.

The top features that make Brainshark a suitable Allego alternative are its flexible training methods, scalable coaching options, and AI-powered scoring and feedback. Today, you can join thousands of companies to begin enjoying the sales enablement initiatives that the tool ensures.
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4.6 (360)

Saleshood has unique features to ease the sales management process. Like Allego, the learning platform is excellent, especially with the gamification, onboarding, goal-setting/tracking, and performance metrics features. Saleshood offers lots of third-party integration and increases production and sales revenue. It has a free trial version and works on all platforms, including Linux.

4.2 (14,957)

This sales stack tool is a top-performer lead management software that supports use by 1- 1000+ users. It allows tracking of contacts, emails, and status of leads with just a few clicks. However, the application is sophisticated and might require the help of a tech expert to set up complex sales processes, and the wrong implementation would lead to a mess of the whole app.

Salesforce is a powerful tool and provides access to an online community of over 2 million users with 150,00+ sales organizations. The support options also include an FAQ section with a knowledge base.
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4.7 (1,229)

The standout feature of Seismic is the ease of locating specific product or service details from the thousands of documents available. Another unique selling point is how it allows you to set up digital rooms to send data directly to clients.

Apart from the unique selling experience, Seismic provides analytics for what part of the collateral the client focused on and how long they did so. We recommend it to users looking to manage their sales process but advise that strict management techniques be implemented to avoid messing up the app interface.
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4.5 (443)

GetAccept is a great Allego alternative for B2B sales teams seeking a centralized management system to engage customers, track opportunities, and close deals. GetAccept supports as low as 2 users up to 500 users.

The platform allows businesses to send sales documents and video files, which provides room for presentations or video demos. We recommend this sales enablement tool for users seeking flexibility.
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4.5 (424)

Hiring and training new employees is very easy with the Leveljump software. It is 100% built inside Salesforce and has an outstanding tracking feature that offers access to the progress made by individuals on training modules. You see which trainings might need special attention, and which ones need improvement.

Leveljump is also easy to set up and administer than the Allego software. Like Allego, there is no free trial offer. It also uses the gamification learning mode and provides leaderboards to evaluate overall performance metrics.
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5.0 (327)

With easier usage, faster setup, better customer help options, and more supportive app features, the Salesken sales tool is a top Allego alternative recommended for every business seeking an upgrade in sales enablement service.

Although it is a paid tool, Salesken offers a free trial option for users looking to familiarize themselves with the tools before getting started. The range of features is also great. The sales team that uses the Salesken sales tool can try the call analytics feature to observe how they performed and areas to improve upon. That way, everybody wins.
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4.7 (446)

Businesses can also use the Revenue sales tool as an Allego alternative. If you want a sales stack software that provides a platform to live calls with quantitative insights and analytics, then this Revenue app is for you.

Your business sales team begins to sell more with lesser costs via real-time conversion guidance and measurement of customer habits.
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