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Alternatives to Conversation Intelligence Platforms is a great conversation intelligence platform to make every interaction count, but there are plenty of alternatives that might fit your needs better.

4.7 (4,208)
Substrata is an excellent chorus alternative. Substrata’s Revenue Intelligence Platform can read and analyze your interaction with leads and give real time feedback on your authority, trustworthiness, and empathy.

Substrata’s features include the Selling Zone, Relative Competence, The Simulator, and the Performance Q. These features help sales reps understand the hidden needs of their prospects and help them win more sales.
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4.7 (4,304)

Gong helps you and your sales team get complete visibility in the total sales process. By analyzing customer interactions, team performance, and even market changes, you’ll improve the sales across your team significantly.

Their platform analyses all customer interactions across phone, email, and web conferencing to give you detailed insights into your communication.
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4.5 (430)

Salesloft is a top-rate platform to assist salespeople and sales leaders to increase the quality of their communication. Salesloft lets you track emails and social communication meaning that sales leaders can analyze the performance of their reps and forecast success.

Furthermore, it can analyze areas for growth which helps you set a strategy and make sure the team is aligned.

4.4 (296)

ExecVision takes the data from sales conversations and provides analysis and feedback to help salespeople improve their performance. They use data and insights to improve business conversations and change the way executives run their businesses.

Execvisions product really is coaching sales reps using their automated coaching platform. They use tips and tricks from great salespeople and include customized learning opportunities for each salesperson.
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4.3 (2,951)

Outreach focuses on using the insight gathered in emails and sales conversations to build actions that can help sales execution. Their main goal is to remove the guesswork from high-impact deals and make sense of all the B2B data available in the world.

They use AI technology to do this and help organizations improve sales engagement and improve effectiveness, sales, and efficiency.
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