Skip to content Skip to footer Alternatives: Sales Intelligence Tools helps you make more sales and gain insight into what leads and customers are thinking, however, it might not be the perfect solution for you. Here’s our list of the best alternatives to consider. 

4.7 (4,208)
Billing itself as the number one behavioral intelligence platform for dealmakers and sales professionals, Substrata helps salespeople understand the balances of power that affect their success rates.

Helping salespeople to "aim before they shoot" is of enormous benefit and is a genuinely incredible tool for outreach and capturing potential prospects' attention.

The tool analyzes all past conversations with a lead and helps you craft the perfect response that puts you in the "selling zone." In addition, substrata can hone your selling abilities with the real-time feedback provided.

One of the main differentiators between Substrata and the competition is the inclusion of a sales call simulator as part of their core product. Allowing sales teams the opportunity to practice and have their performance rated by the system's AI.
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4.3 (2,951)

Outreach has run analyses on vast amounts of B2B seller-buyer interaction data and utilizes AI to examine your interactions and predict the best course of action to close the sale.

Outreach can optimize and streamline sales engagement workflows across the entire revenue cycle and spark growth by encouraging seller productivity. Outreach can also equip your team to improve by actioning clear insights and driving sales.

4.5 (2,791)

Chorus is a top-rated conversion intelligence platform that captures data at the source, whether a Zoom call or an email. This data is then run through artificial intelligence analysis, outputting the results to many different workspaces, including Asana, Zapier, email, and many more.

Some big-name companies, including Zoom and Adobe, use Chorus to drive their sales and enhance conversion rates through technology. In addition, Chorus offers managers a high level of visibility into all ongoing deals, and they can be alerted to potential deal risks. All of this makes Chorus a genuine Gong alternative.
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4.7 (445)

Revenue aims to power your sellers at just the right moment, giving them the insight they need inside the moment to close the sale. Live call insights, including sentiment analysis, can make a palpable difference to the potential for success and help you increase your ROI.

Revenue also analyzes customer interactions to help your sales reps understand your customers' thoughts. This process eradicates time-wasting guesswork often associated with sales and increases conversion rates.
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4.5 (388)

It is hard to hit a target if you don't know what it looks like, and shows the team what they should be aiming for and how to start the journey that will take them there. unifies all sales data and helps you strengthen the connection to each account. This function allows you to build a high-quality sales pipeline and improve sales productivity. Clearing the path to the most effective route to revenue is a crucial feature of

As a revenue manager, it is critical to monitor buying dynamics and motivate high-performing strategies in your sales teams.
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5.0 (327)

SalesKen is another platform that uses conversation intelligence to analyze sales conversations in real-time and cue and prompt the sales team with an appropriate response. This innovation maximizes their chances of closing the sale. In addition, these prompts can help build rapport, empathy, and trust and can be a very successful way of winning new business.

SalesKen generates summaries to give feedback on how sales representatives have performed, teaching them how to improve their performance. This software also automates many of the routine backend tasks in the CRM, freeing up more time to make sales.
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4.5 (3,018)

Salesloft is focused on generating more revenue faster and aims to identify and weed out dead-end opportunities. Salespeople can then concentrate on the actual live leads that are more likely to convert. In addition, sales teams can achieve better lead sifting using Salesloft's powerful artificial intelligence and analyzing previous results across anonymized sales data.

Prospecting smarter, not harder, is the aim, and this sales intelligence platform boasts a 2.5x increase in prospect response rate. The upshot of this is that lead and prospect generation is much easier, and it is then a case of easing them through the sales funnel toward profit.

Salesloft is highly focused on teamwork and helping sales teams deliver on their true potential. Their tools encourage collaboration and cooperation to pursue mutual success, a vital attribute in the toolkit that is necessary to be considered a valid Gong alternative.
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4.7 (1,438)

Harnessing the science of sales, MindTickle believes that selling isn't an art but a science. Their focus is on upskilling sales reps by analyzing and giving feedback on their performance across calls, emails, and other forms of customer interaction.

MindTickle believes that you can't grow your company without having a fantastic team. That's why they focus on promoting staff improvement and a state of continuous sales readiness for reps. But, in the end, your agents close sales - why not equip them to the max?
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4.4 (296)

ExecVision is another business focused on upskilling the sales team rather than focusing on the prospect's journey through the system. They provide a tool to improve and equip the next generation of salespeople for success instead of just getting sales done. Both of these approaches are valid, and they are just different ways to use the available technology.

ExecVision uses conversational intelligence to monitor and improve the responses made by sales reps in telephone or video conversations with prospects. They then use the collected data to help the salespeople strengthen their techniques.
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4.7 (865)

Clari's revenue operations platform automatically runs your network data through its AI cluster. It gives you actionable reports on the most efficient ways to make a sale.

Clari takes sales numbers from each sales rep and accurately forecasts your sales numbers. As a result, managers have the chance to look at the bigger picture and adjust their strategy accordingly, whether in the granular or helicopter view.
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