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The Highest Rated Conversation-Intelligence Platforms [2023] | Conversation Intelligence

Conversation intelligence (CI) platforms integrate with online conferencing platforms (Zoom, Meet, Teams, GoToMeeting, etc.) to record, transcribe and analyze sales conversations and other deal-related interactions such as sales emails and chats. CI tools are considered the most expensive piece of today’s sales tech stack, but provide unparalleled, ultra-valuable data-driven insights that can massively improve the win rates of b2b sales / inside sales teams.


Substrata is a Behavioral Intelligence platform, a unique spinoff of the “traditional” CI. It analyzes deal-related communication in real-time, processing not only verbal, but also nonverbal data, to uncover and process implied meaning, prospect sentiment, pre-assessments of competence, value and relevance.

Substrata, headquartered in Tel Aviv, uses patented social signal processing technology to compete with its transcript-dependent competitors. SubStrata’s solution is private, secure, very easy to use, and quickly integrates with most of the industry’s leading sales enablement platforms and CRMs.


Gong is a conversation intelligence tool that puts a heavy focus on analyzing transcripts using Natural Language Processing. It analyzes a multitude of customer-facing interactions and helps train salespeople for better results.

With its insights, you can get your teams to reality-based performance in real-time. One sparkling feature of this software is that it supports English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Hebrew, French, and Russian. is a significant player in the conversation intelligence category and is part of the Zoominfo group since its acquisition. It is designed to meet the daily needs of larger businesses, and it monitors, records, and analyzes phone calls and video conference calls. can automatically record and transcribe all business calls and video meetings in synchronized form. It is helpful to the sales team in follow-ups, taking notes, onboarding, and coaching. This platform also provides AI-powered insights.


ExecVision works on customer conversation intelligence that provides valuable insights that can be utilized to enhance sales, support, and product team efforts. The software focuses on changing human behaviors that, in turn, can be a significant factor in the success rate.


SecondNature has an immersive conversation intelligence simulation. It provides a safe environment for learning, making mistakes, and improving. Its artificial intelligence, called Jenny, keeps track of the information discovered by sales representatives. It also provides simultaneous feedback and guidance to assist reps in improving.

You can create courses, assign tasks to sales representatives, or integrate them with the built-in learning management system. Jenny is in charge of the simulations and certifications at the end of each unit. Furthermore, it includes built-in reports for sales representatives and managers. Finally, it covers soft skills such as presentation style and hard skills such as product and playbook knowledge. (formerly RingDNA) is marketed to inside sales teams who use Salesforce as a “sales acceleration engine.” Its Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce is designed to assist outbound sales representatives. With, they can make more calls and connect with 400% more prospects. Its AI conversation intelligence integrates with your voice, text, email, prioritizing, and other coaching tools. provides actual guidance to high-performing teams. It appears and suggests what works best. You can transform every phone conversation or Zoom conference into a searchable library. You can get insights into talk-to-listen ratios, conversation etiquette, and other essential performance measures to convert every rep into a top-performing rep.


Contact centers can increase conversions, provide a world-class customer experience, and reduce ramp time with Balto’s Guidance feature. Balto is a leading provider of conversation intelligence for contact centers. It is AI-powered and can hear both sides of a conversation. Then, on every call, it visually prompts agents with the best things to say.

You can scale “perfect” to thousands of agents by pressing a button. Also, you get immediate feedback on what’s working and what’s not. Top contact centers such as National General Insurance, eHealth, American Homes for Rent, Spring Venture Group, and Cellular Sales rely on Balto.


Salesloft is a one-stop shop for conversation intelligence. You can use it to track calls, coach your agents, and analyze customer conversations. The call record can help you understand buyer engagement, intentions, and customer behavior. You can also leave messages for your customer service representatives. 

Salesloft can convert all of your audio and video calls into text using its call transcriber feature. Its AI-based analysis system scans transcripts for keywords, competitor mentions, and other relevant information. With this, you can make a playlist of the best call handling practices to coach your agents. 


Using speech analytics and conversation intelligence in your system can help you close deals faster by analysing the communication between you and your lead. It also improves sales results by allowing for better planning of future conversations with customers, which will lead to increased conversions per interaction.

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What is Conversation Intelligence Software?

Conversation intelligence software is a tool that analyzes speech or text using advanced technology such as artificial intelligence. This software helps you identify valuable keywords and conversation topics on which customers jump quickly. Thus, offering the most valuable insights to your team without wasting much time. 

Customer tone, keywords, potential risks, strategy effectiveness, customer sentiments, and other factors are all included in these insights.