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Top 5 Software Tools to Improve B2B Sales

When the team grows and you’re working B2B, improving the quality of your reps’ communication can be hard. Whether you’re a manager, member of the c-suite, or just a tools-enthusiast, you’d know by now that software can take us from good to great.


Salesforce is a market leader B2B CRM and cloud computing solution that lets you manage your leads, contacts, and sales opportunities. With pipeline health management, forecast management, workflow rules and automations Salesforce is an essential CRM choice for many businesses.

Substrata is an artificial intelligence-driven software solution that assists the sales team in closing deals faster. It uses social signal processing to evaluate a salesperson’s or dealmakers’ verbal and nonverbal communications with the prospect and helps them understand the social cues that can be essential for the deal.

The immediate feedback helps the salesperson understand what the prospect is feeling about the deal and helps change the style or approach of the communication to ensure the highest possible sales success.

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is another sales tool that lets you manage your sales pipeline, track leads, nurture customers, and create automated email campaigns.

HubSpot Sales provides their CRM system for free and allows users to upgrade to receive additional benefits alongside other products like their marketing, service, operational, and CMS hubs.

Sales Intel

Sales Intel is a software tool that provides you with contact information for your sales leads. It gives you access to millions of business and professional contact records.

This software also allows you to find decision-makers at companies to target your sales pitches and increase your chances of making a sale.


Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that helps you control and orchestrate all communication with your leads. From cold calling, email, and meetings you have all your touchpoints noted and synced with your CRM.

Besides that, Salesloft has strong analytical features that let you gain insight into the health of your pipeline, great forecasting, and advice on what moves to make next. With all this built into one platform, tracking, transcribing, and analysing your sales calls, you’ll increase the revenue across your whole team fast.


GetAccept is a leading digital sales room platform. It lets you create and develop efficient customer experiences from a-z in the sales process. You’ll get a central hub at your fingertips where your B2B team can share sales documents, make videos, create deals, secure signatures, manage contacts, and templates.

If you have a team of salespeople working for you, GetAccept is a powerful tool to build revenue in a single environment.


Allego is a all-in-one platform that enables sellers to make more sales by giving them the skills, knowledge, and content needed for success. Allego features a rep-enablement platform that gives them access to the precise content they need to close more deals and trains them with personalized coaching experiences.

Allego is easy to use and their onboarding, training, and collaboration tool is already used by almost 500,000 salespeople.


Groove is a sales productivity platform that let you increase the revenue per salesperson of your business. Groove takes care of the manual administrative tasks and help you access and update Salesforce from anywhere you want – whether at home or in office.

You can build repeatable tasks and use artificial intelligence to fill in the complex data and create actionable insights for you and your team.


Outreach is a sales execution platform that lets you translate sales data into intelligence. It lets you automate sales engagement and revenue intelligence to boost the revenue, efficiency, predictability of your teams performance.

Your reps can build automated messages, create playbooks, and build pipelines to ultimately become the best seller in your organisation.


Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform that helps you enable and build your team to outperform themselves. Using data from their customer interactions and best-in-class tips, Mindtickle helps you increase knowledge in your organization, helps your reps understand ideal sales behaviors, and makes everyone in the team ready to adapt to change.

Using Mindtickle, you’d be able to analyze the best sales behavior and scale it within your own organization.


These are the ten B2B sales software that we recommend to improve your B2B sales. While there are many other solutions available, these are on our hot-right-now list and we couldn’t leave them out. If you want to boost your sales and grow your business, make sure to check them out.

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