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Top 10 CRM Software Tools in 2023

Top 10 CRM Solutions

The success of your company’s sales is dependent on a lot of factors and the usage of CRM sales tools helps boost sales and marketing.

In this section, we fill you in on the top 10 best CRM software tools in 2022 that your business needs in order to succeed. 

Salesforce CRM

This is a robust set of sales tools to help every sales professional achieve their best. Although the name suggests that this is just a customer relationship management tool, it is part of a vast suite of solutions that will provide invaluable support to your sales team. 

Salesforce CRM integrates easily with various ERP systems for added flexibility. The interface to mobile operating systems puts customer information in the hands of your sales team wherever they may be. An easy-to-use dashboard shows all the vital data at a glance and helps your sales professional close deals quickly and efficiently.  

Hubspot Sales

Hubspot is one of the biggest names in sales and marketing tools. Hubspot CRM started in the year 2014 and has a freemium CRM that allows you to track leads, manage your pipeline, and convert contacts. Though Hubspot’s paid plans are quite expensive, they are definitely powerful.

You can buy their marketing and CRM hub additionally to host your website and market your business.

Active Campaign

ActiveCampagin is a CRM that puts together organizing contacts and sales automation. Famous for being a great automated contact management software, you can prioritize your leads, track tasks, and keep everything in check.

Features like lead scoring, win probability, and marketing automation will help your company keep all your important sales activities in place.

Monday CRM CRM software allows you to add a CRM board that helps in the management of customer relations, data, processes, and interactions. 

Monday CRM has many features that help with lead management and capturing and boasts the additional features like project management, marketing automations, email automations, and reports. options, security and privacy, mobile access, analytics, and reports. 

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based system that has been around for a long time and is built for small businesses, big enterprises, and other types of businesses. 

Zoho provides businesses with a 360-degree view of all customer interactions, interests, and activities. It also improves business and customer relationships and is trusted by over 250,000 businesses across 180 countries. 

Freshsales CRM

Freshsales CRM formerly known as Freshworks CRM is a tool perfect for your sales and marketing teams. Freshsales is a cloud-based CRM that offers various features like ultra-modern contact management, workflow automation, data insights, an AI assistant, and various customization options. 

Freshsales allows businesses to scale higher and faster, its features are suitable for both small, mid-scale, and large-scale businesses.

Pipedrive CRM 

Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRM software tools and for the right reasons as it is built to maximize input and output. The goal of Pipedrive as put by the founders is simply to make salespeople unstoppable. 

Pipedrive is a web-based CRM sales tool that helps businesses plan their sales process and activities and monitors deals. Pipedrive also helps with automated tracking, organization of calls, and synching of schedules across all devices. 

Less Annoying CRM 

Less Annoying CRM is a simple tool for small businesses that allows you to manage your customers, leads, interactions, calendar, and to-do all from the web app. Less Annoying is founded on simplicity which gives it its unique name. 

Less Annoying CRM is affordable and starts at $15 per user on your account and some of its notable features are desktop integration, email marketing, lead management, customization, and mobile user support. 

Salesflare CRM

Salesflare is an email outreach and CRM platform designed for small and mid-scale businesses who desire to sell with ease. It provides businesses with workflow automation and data entry tools, it is also a sales pipeline tool that works for its users. 

Salesflare helps keep the interactions between your business and customers and has some notable features like sales force automation, dashboards, reporting, and mobile user support.


Keap is an all-in-one CRM and sales automation platform that helps you capture and convert more leads through nurturing and tracking features. Establishing itself as an essential app for small businesses, Keap can both track client information and daily work in one place.

Additionally, Keap offers training from expert coaches, great support, and access to an entrepreneurial community.

Are CRM Software Tools Needed In 2022? 

Yes, CRM software tools are important, especially in 2022 and this is because its benefits are numerous and ultimately help improve sales and marketing. We’ve provided for you in detail the best CRM tools above which you should consider if you wish to improve customer relationships as well as sales. 

FAQ: What Is CRM? 

CRM means customer relationship management and can be defined as a tool for managing all company’s interactions with current and potential customers. It helps businesses stay connected to their clients, streamline processes, and improve profitability. 

According to Statista, the global market for CRM software is projected to grow to 49.6 billion US dollars by 2050 therefore, using CRM is beneficial to the growth of your business. 

A business’s CRM software tools are crucial for success, and they’re meant to assist firms around the world to develop strong connections with their consumers, which leads to client loyalty and retention, which is critical in every company.